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June 1, 1991 - "Working" at the Best Museum Exhibit Ever Built

What was it about this place?  How can such a simple exhibit be so much fun?

As a kid growing up near Boston, playing in the Bubbles exhibit at the Boston Children's Museum was always a blast.  It was so basic.  A bunch of different tables with this incredible bubble solution and tons of different ways to make soap bubbles of all sizes and shapes. 

Looking back on it, I think it was the way the museum offered visitors of all ages an easy way to experiment with simple tools that created such natural beauty and mind-blowing scientific demonstrations on light refraction, surface tension, chemistry, physics, and more.  A pure hands-on learning experience that seemed like way too much fun to be learning anything at all.  

When I was lucky enough to work as a summer "Interpreter" on the floor of the museum as a high school and college student, that amazing and timeless exhibit was still a fan favorite!  Totally spellbinding. 

Kids always have to be dragged away from that place.  "Come on, come on!  There's a lot more in the museum," a parent pleads.  A mom whispers to her friend, "Should I bribe her with ice cream at the Hood milk bottle out front?  Nuggets at the McDonalds?  The climbing structure?  The golf ball exhibit?  Hmmm."