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This is the first fully portable giant bubble maker that can fit in the palm of your hand!  Are you up for the INORMO CHALLENGE?  Put a kid in a bubble!! 

Also, INORMO is an indoor/outdoor toy!  Really!  Just lay down a towel or two, and be careful not to slip!  With its compact design, you can bring your giant INORMO bubbles indoors when the weather conditions aren't good outside.  For example, like all giant bubbles, INORMO does not work well when there is any wind over about 5 MPH.  The wind often bursts giant bubbles before they ever have a fighting chance to survive!  Also, if you want to make the biggest, longest-lasting bubbles, pick a humid day to play.  All giant bubbles do better in humid weather!

Can little kids make these giant bubbles?  The best answer is yes, but with some help from an older kid, a teen, or an adult.  Think of INORMO like you think of a yoyo or a kite.  Can you hand a 4-year-old a yoyo and tell them to have fun?  They can't do it alone.  Can you hand a kite to a 5-year-old a 6-year-old and expect them to fly it without helping them?  Like kites and yoyos, INORMO has string that will tangle and cause frustration if an older kid/teen/adult is not helping out.  With INORMO, a little patience and practice goes a long way!   

For more tips on using the INORMO Kid-in-a-Bubble, see the diagram and videos above.  Specifically, see Video #1 on making portraits of kids inside bubbles; see Video #2 on making giant waves; see Video #3 on touching giant bubbles; and see Video #4 on making giant floating bubbles and making bubbles inside other bubbles!   

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Spread bigger joy, baby!!