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Feb. 6, 2020 - A Bubble Scientist Emerges

On Feb. 6, 2020, a friend sends me a message.  "Have you seen this?"

It's an article about a study that's been written by some researchers at Emory University.  "How to Make Giant Bubbles."  I'm like, huh??  What???  How much do I have to pay for this scientific study?  $30?  Deal!!

Prior to that day, I had been tooling around the internet, making batch after batch of giant bubble solution.  The Wiki page was amazing.  But I needed to create the very best giant bubble solution.  And it needed to be delivered in a pre-mixed 16-ounce jar.  It had to be epic.  

Here is an excerpt from a Feb. 6 email I that I sent to Professor Justin Burton at Emory University: 

"Hello Prof. Burton,

My name is Jon Krell, and I am that crazy-sounding bubble fan who just left you a voicemail.  I am fascinated by your research and would love to chat for just a few minutes."

Prof. Burton turns out to be a great guy who loves a good adventure.  He's been on Club Inormo ever since.  That solution in the jar?  That concentrate for the refills?  That's him.